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Communicating Comfort
The Tempstar® SmartComfort® EC 97 Variable-Speed Modulating Gas Furnace featuring the Observer™ communicating system is designed to take your home to a new level of comfort and efficiency. Teamed with our Observer communicating wall control and the appropriate air conditioner and indoor coil, the SmartComfort EC 97 functions as part of a complete communicating home comfort system. Various components of the system “talk” to each other electronically, fine-tuning comfort levels while maximizing energy savings.

Custom Comfort
Unlike single-stage furnaces—which heat up fast and shut down fast, creating noticeable swings in temperature—the SmartComfort EC 97 delivers consistent heat and overall comfort. When paired with a compatible thermostat, the modulating heat system operates at lower heat levels most of the time and automatically modulates to the higher heat production if temperatures drop. The variable-speed blower motor can also help increase comfort by maximizing moisture removal* during cooling (air conditioner) operation. And the high efficiency blower motor can be run continuously to improve indoor air quality.

*Used with a humidity-sensing thermostat or dehumidistat.

The Quiet One
The sturdy steel cabinet is thermal lined and insulated to reduce the amount of heat and operating noise that escapes. A sealed blower compartment, soft-mount components, and the variable-speed blower motor also reduce operating sounds. When matched with select Tempstar air conditioners and evaporator coils, the ECM variable-speed blower motor can also boost cooling efficiency for increased SEER* rating.**

*SEER stands for Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio.
**As compared to the Air-Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute’s standard coil-only rating.

Exceptional Furnace, Exceptional Warranties
Tempstar units are backed by exceptional warranties, including our No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty, which gives the original purchaser a replacement unit if the heat exchanger should fail due to defect within the first ten years. Upon timely registration, you also get a 10 year parts limited warranty and a lifetime limited warranty on the heat exchanger.

Exceptional Efficiency

The heart of every furnace is the heat exchanger. The proven RPJ® (Rigid Press Joint) heat exchanger is designed to move more heat to the outside surface for increased heat transfer. The weld-free interlocking clamshell design reduces cracking or separating over the life of the gas furnace. The RPJ heat exchanger plays a significant role in boosting this model’s efficiency to a 97% AFUE* rating. So you can count on energy savings, especially compared to an older, less efficient furnace.

*AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency.

  • Energy-saving high efficiency operation of 97% AFUE
  • Variable-speed modulating operation reduces temperature and humidity swings in the home by heating and cooling more evenly
  • 10 year No Hassle Replacement™ limited warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchanger
  • Lifetime limited warranty on the primary and secondary heat exchanger
  • 10 year limited warranty on all functional parts

Additional available models:
  • Observer™ 96% AFUE Variable-Communicating Two-Stage Heat
  • 96% AFUE with Two Stage Heat
  • 96% AFUE
  • Observer™ 80% AFUE Variable Speed Two Stage Heat
  • 80% AFUE with Two Stage Heat
  • 80% AFUE
  • 95% AFUE Entry
  • 80% AFUE Entry