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Timberline® Lifetime Shingles

Before you have your roof installation done, it is time to select a shingle. Timberline shingles by GAF provide high quality, add  a look of elegance, and will increase the value of your home. Quality First Home Improvement only uses GAF, and they are our manufacture of choice for all our composition roofing installations. Timberline shingles are the number one choice of consumers across America when it comes to selecting a new composition roof.  

What’s the secret to the striking look of a Timberline® HighDefinition® roof?

Timberline® High Definition® Shingles are unlike any others, thanks to our patented High Definition® shadow bands (U.S. Patent No. 5,666,776). Each shadow band is applied using a sophisticated, computer-controlled “feathering” technique. When combined with our randomly blended top layer, it results in a shingle with exceptional depth and dimension—and a striking look unmatched by any other brand. The Timberline Natural Shadow shingles have a woodsy, warm appeal while the patented Timberline “High Definition” gives an enhanced shadow effect which creates a wood shake appearance. The Timberline UltraHD is thicker and its blend of colors and higher definition create a striking and multi-dimensional wood shake look.  Compare Timberline® High Definition® Shingles to typical architectural shingles, and it’s easy to see why they look sharper and more beautiful on your roof— while enhancing the resale value of your home. 

Once you select your shingle, it is time to choose a contractor. Why choose us? Quality First home Improvement is an award winning roofing contractor. We utilize factory trained roofing installers that are experts at roof replacement. We have years of experience and have done hundreds of roofing installations. Why take chances on companies that may or may not do the the job right, and put your warranty at risk? Make us your roofing contractor of choice. We serve the Sacramento area, San Jose, Redwood City, Redding, Hayward, and Concord, CA, and Reno, NV. Contact us today!

GAF Timberline® Lifetime Architectural Roofing Shingles

Timberline® Ultra HD™
(formerly called Timberline
Prestique Lifetime)

Your best investment for an ultra-dimensional wood-shake look.
American Harvest™

Now, you can improve your home's looks and even its resale value with Timberline® American Harvest™ Shingles from GAF.
Timberline® HD™
(formerly called Timberline
Prestique 30)

Value and performance in a genuine wood-shake look.
Natural Shadow™

Value and performance in a natural wood-shake look.

Timberline® Specialty Shingles


Timberline® Cool Series

Go green! Reflects sunlight to help reduce attic heat build up and save energy.