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Heliodyne Solar Collectors

Every solar water heater contains a solar collector. A solar collector is the portion of the water heater that collects the sun's rays and heats the water. Collectors can be affected by weather and location, so many different types of collectors exist to compensate for these conditions. Generally, solar collectors consist of glass or metal tubes that are heated by the sun. Water is pushed through the tubes, and the heat of the tubes is diffused through the water.

The GOBI line of solar flat-plate collectors is one of the industry’s highest-rated. Over 30 years of design and engineering refinement have gone into making it a world-class performer for heat output, efficiency, and durability. The collector is available in three sizes, with two surface types to choose from blue sputtered, and black paint (used in ideal climates like Hawaii only), making it suitable for all types of solar heating applications.


  • Low-profile tapered design for a subtle rooftop presence
  • Optimal heat absorption and overall efficiency
  • Certified to withstand 50 lbs. per square foot
  • Anodized aluminum frame improves durability & rigidity
  • No-solder connections with factory installed DYN-O-SEAL unions
  • Rated by SRCC and IAPMO as one of the industry’s best-performing collectors

Absorber Surfaces

Blue sputtered coating (Variant 1)
  • Optimal heat absorption with minimal emission 
  • Suitable for all installations & regions
  • Recommended for cool climates
Black paint coating (Variant 2)
  • An economical choice
  • Adequate heat absorption in ideal climate regions 
  • Best for warm climates with ample solar radiation