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National Safe Digging Month

2024-04-17T15:46:37-07:00April 17th, 2024|Concrete, Home Improvement, Home Renovations, HVAC, Information, QualityFirstCares, Seasonal|

April is recognized by Congress and most Governors across the U.S. as National Safe Digging Month (NSDM). With the arrival of spring this month and the subsequent increase in temperatures across many regions, homeowners, the month of April marks the start of the season and the onset season of various digging projects for homeowners. This [...]

The Essential Guide to Concrete: Everything You Need to Know for Successful Projects

2024-04-05T15:29:35-07:00April 5th, 2024|Concrete, Home Improvement, Home Renovations, Information, QualityFirstCares, Seasonal|

Concrete is ubiquitous in our daily lives – we walk on it, drive on it, work and live on it. It forms the very foundation of our civilization. Yet, for many, it remains an overlooked aspect of our environment until the need arises for a concrete project. However, what may seem straightforward at first [...]

Quality First Home Chronicles: April Awakenings: Revitalize Your Home with These Approved Projects

2024-03-29T12:34:56-07:00March 29th, 2024|Home Improvement, Home Renovations, Information, QualityFirstCares, Seasonal|

As the cold grip of winter loosens its hold and the vibrant colors of spring begin to emerge, many homeowners find themselves inspired to breathe new life and energy into their living spaces. April, for example, with its promise of renewal energy and rejuvenation, presents the perfect opportunity to embark on home improvement projects that [...]

Daylight Saving Time: Sunshine Hours and Home Improvement Opportunities

2024-03-08T15:50:35-08:00March 8th, 2024|Home Improvement, Home Renovations, Information, QualityFirstCares, Seasonal|

As the days lengthen and clocks spring forward on March 10th, 2024, Californians and Reno residents alike get ready to embrace Daylight Saving Time (DST). But DST isn't just about adjusting clocks; it's a natural prompt to tackle some home improvement projects and outdoor activities that benefit from those extra daylight hours. This blog [...]

Understanding and Mitigating the Impact of PG&E’s 2024 Rate Increases

2024-03-01T18:33:04-08:00March 1st, 2024|Electric Vehicles, Home Improvement, QualityFirstCares, Solar Energy|

The Shocking Reality: PG&E's Rising Rates in 2024 and How It Affects You! In 2024, Californians are confronted with the challenging news of Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) announcing yet another round of rate hikes. With energy costs on the rise, both households and businesses across the state are experiencing significant financial strain. However, [...]

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