Most know her from the weekday morning shows on 106.5 The End, airing 5:30-10am, Katie is part of the Wake Up Call. I personally think she’s hilarious and I’ve been listening to her long before Entercom Radio and Quality First joined forces. You can hear Katie on the radio mention Quality First in regard to this kitchen remodel.

Katie and her husband Mike financed and were able to keep costs down because they kept a lot of what they had. The cabinets were resurfaced and now look brand new although they were recycled back into the new transformation. Katie showed us a picture of the backsplash she wanted, and we were able to find it for her. She’s been so happy about everything, she was sick with pneumonia and was surprised when we gave her get well flowers.

Katie shared the whole remodel on her Instagram @Katiewakeupcall mentioning @qualityfirst in each comment she posted. She is a Sacramento native and has never lived anywhere else, California born and raised and after her Kitchen remodel I doubt she’s moving anytime soon. Katie comments on the before and after post, “I can’t even believe our new kitchen. It’s a dream! @qualityfirst finished on time and were able to stick to our budget by showing us all the things we can keep from our existing kitchen. I couldn’t recommend them more.” Thank you for sharing our work, look forward to your next project. Stay tuned

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