Ever since 2004, September has been National Preparedness Month, teaching us to look closely at potential problems and make plans to conquer them. From emergency management during natural disasters to personal and community safety in all types of weather, National Preparedness Month is here for you to get involved!

Lasting Legacy

This year, 2022, has the theme of “Lasting Legacy.” When you prepare to protect yourself and your family from risks and emergencies, you dedicate yourself to preserving what you hold dear.

September Is National Preparedness Month

Communities, businesses, and families alike should all come together during this month to search for ways they can enhance their safety protocols and procedures. Whether natural or national disasters, whether a business or personal emergency, make a plan this month.

Safety Blueprints

National Preparedness Month encourages families to prepare their own blueprint, or roadmap, of a safety plan for different emergencies. Americans can learn to be prepared for anything if they evaluate the challenges inherent in a situation and assess the solutions.

Preparing Your Family For Hazards

You can go to the official website for the “holiday”, Ready.gov, to learn more and find resources to support your endeavors.

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