Not to sound overly dramatic, but choosing exterior paint colors may be one of the most important decisions you make regarding your house this year. The decision shouldn’t be based on a five-minute trip to Sherwin Williams paint. In fact, you might want to ask for help from exterior painting contractors before you make this critical decision.

Where should you begin when making your color selection? Here are some ideas.

Learn if there are any restrictions on exterior paint colors in your neighborhood.

Some neighborhoods require homeowners to select their house color from a specific color palette. This rule may promote historically accurate colors in areas with older homes. Or sometimes, neighborhood associations want to make sure that their properties are free from unusual colors that might lower the property value of surrounding homes.

Consider architectural details that can’t be changed.

There may be fixed elements on your home that can’t be changed. For example, consider your roof color and the shade of your existing stone or brick on your home’s exterior. The color scheme you choose for your house needs to complement those tones.

Be cautious when choosing exterior paint colors.

While we appreciate the “go big or go home” school of thought in some parts of home design, be cautious when selecting your exterior color. You may fall in love with a bright color shade and be tempted to paint your entire house in Citrusy Green or Blinding Bright Yellow. However, consider using these fun colors on a front door or as an accent color used on exterior flower pots.

exterior paint color combinations

On the other side of the spectrum, it’s also essential to be cautious if you want a white house, especially on stucco exteriors. Remember that light colors will seem much brighter in direct sunlight. Take a white paint chip outside on a bright, sunny day. You may find that bright colors almost glow in natural sunlight. When choosing lighter colors, you might want to go two or three steps down from the top of the paint strip when making your choice.

Consider your area’s weather patterns.

Another factor to consider when choosing house paint is the weather in your area. If you dread summer because you know your utility bills will skyrocket, consider using a light color on your home. Dark colors, of course, absorb heat, so you might want to avoid that popular dark gray or dark blue color that you saw on Pinterest and pick the light blue or gray.

Seek advice from someone in the industry.

Who do you talk with to get advice on an exterior paint color? You could ask a local real estate agent who understands the importance of curb appeal. You might also receive feedback from the color experts at your local paint store.

Also, reach out to the staff at Quality First Home Improvement. Quality First has completed tens of thousands of exterior home projects over the course of five decades. Ask the Quality First staff member about exterior coating services, which will keep your paint color looking fresh for years to come.

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