Enphase HCS-60 EVSE EV Charger

Enphase HCS-60 EVSE EV Charger

Quality First Home Improvement, a leader in innovative and sustainable home improvement solutions, is excited to announce the addition of the Enphase HCS-60 Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE) to its extensive range of products. The high-powered, Level 2 EV charging station is designed to provide safe, reliable, and efficient charging for residential and commercial electric vehicles.

Enphase HCS-60 EVSE: A Reliable, Flexible and Durable EV Charging Solution Built to Automaker Standards

The Enphase HCS-60 EVSE is designed to meet automaker standards. This guarantees utmost safety and reliability. Moreover, it comes with a 25-foot-long charging cable. This, combined with an integrated cable wrap and a wall-mounted J1772 holster, enhances flexibility during installation and makes it user-friendly. It’s also encased in a robust NEMA 4 rated enclosure. This ensures durability, making the EVSE ideal for both indoor and outdoor use.

Enhanced Durability and User-Friendly Features: The EVSE’s LED Status Indicators and Robust Connector Design for Secure and Long-Term Charging

The charger features LED lights, which display the EVSE status. Additionally, it includes an impact and crush-resistant SAE J1772 connector. This component guarantees a stable connection. A Type 4X watertight and corrosion-resistant rubber over-mold is fitted over the EV connector. This extra layer bolsters durability, rendering the charger perfect for long-term use.

HCS-60 EVSE: Offering High-Capacity Charging, Universal Compatibility, and Exceptional Customer Support for All Electric Vehicle Owners

The HCS-60 EVSE offers charging up to 48A and is compatible with all J1772 EVs. Additionally, it comes with a 5-year warranty. With Enphase’s excellent customer service backing it, the charger stands as a dependable choice for electric vehicle owners.

Certified Efficiency and Enhanced Usability: The Enphase HCS-60 EVSE’s Compliance with Safety Standards and Versatile Optional Features

The Enphase HCS-60 EVSE adheres to extensive safety and efficiency standards. It boasts both ENERGY STAR Certification and an ETL listing. Beyond these, it provides optional features like load management and access control. These additional features boost its usability and versatility.

Quality First Home Improvement’s Commitment to Sustainability

With the addition of the Enphase HCS-60 EVSE, Quality First Home Improvement continues its commitment to providing customers with cutting-edge, sustainable solutions for their homes and businesses.

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