We know that you are looking for a simple, straightforward answer to “how much will it cost to replace my roof?” However, the answer to the question about “roof replacement cost” requires more than a one-word answer.

Additionally, we would like to caution you against only considering costs for your roof replacement. There’s a lot more that you should think about before hiring a company for the job. After all, not all roofing materials and roofing contractors are the same.

Here are some standard questions typically addressed when using an online roof cost calculator. We will also offer some helpful advice on selecting a roof replacement company for your project.

What is the size of your roof?

Please note that the best way to get an accurate measurement of your home’s roof is to have a local roofing contractor professionally measure it. The roofing contractor will also determine the roof’s pitch (slope) and label it as flat, low, medium, or steep. Steep roofs are more expensive to replace.

How complex is your roof design?

You may have thought that roof replacement cost was based entirely on its square footage. However, some roof designs are more complex, which increases how much it costs to replace.

How many layers of asphalt shingles are on the existing roof?

Typically, city codes require roofers to limit shingle layers to two. So, roof installation cost is also based on whether the old shingles need to be torn off or not. A full roof replacement is more expensive because it takes additional time, and the old roofing materials need to be disposed of properly.

What kind of roofing material is being used?

The answer to this question has a lot to do with the roofer’s cost per square foot. For example, a typical asphalt shingle roof is probably less expensive than a slate roof. And a tile roof has a different price than a metal roof.

Where is the home located?

New roof costs vary throughout the country. The price is usually determined by the roofing labor cost in the area, with the Pacific region typically being the most expensive.

What brand of roof materials will be used?

A typical homeowner may not be able to tell one company’s basic asphalt shingles from another company’s asphalt roof. However, those in the industry know that you save money in the long run by using quality products. For example, GAF is one of the most reputable roofing manufacturers in the world.

Who are you hiring for your roof replacement?

When it is time to replace a roof, spend more time selecting the roofing contractor and less time searching for the national average cost to replace a roof.

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