There has never been a better time than now to invest in solar in California! You probably already know that utility costs in the Golden State are sky-high. But were you aware that the cost of installing solar panels in California is at an all-time low?

Is Solar Worth it in California?

Before we do a deep dive into this question, know that the California Energy Commission requires solar panels on all newly-constructed homes. The CMC will extend this requirement to all new commercial buildings and specific multifamily residences beginning in 2023.

While solar panel systems are certainly not required on previously-constructed homes, these mandates prove that solar panels are here to stay in California.

The Main Advantages of Solar Energy

Should you install solar panels on your home? We say “yes!” Here are some reasons why.

A solar system installed on your home reduces monthly utility bills.

While we could start this article with the altruistic reasons for switching to solar, we decided to go straight to your wallet. Having solar panels installed on your home will reduce your monthly electricity bill – especially during the summer.

Take a look at this article called The High Cost of California Electricity Is Increasing Poverty. This piece cites the Energy Information Administration statistics, which say that California’s electricity rates are rapidly rising.

In fact, over the past decade, “California’s electricity rates increased at a rate that was six times as fast as the rate seen in the rest of the U.S. over that time frame.”

You might be able to afford to pay your electric bill now. However, suppose electricity costs per kilowatt-hour continue to rise. In that case, you may find yourself dreading that monthly bill from your utility company.

Discover how much money you can save with solar.

There are many variables to consider when assigning a dollar amount on how much you could save per month by utilizing solar energy.

It depends on how much electricity you use, how many panels you install, whether you have a solar battery, and the average number of sunny days where you live.

cost of solar in California

One way to estimate a solar panel’s worth is this fantastic tool offered by Google called Project Sunroof.

To use the tool, submit the address of your home. Then, using Google Earth images and your local weather data, Project Sunroof will create a personalized solar plan. While this alone is amazing, you can continue the analysis by submitting the amount of your average monthly electric bill.

Project Sunroof will give you the recommended solar installation size you would need to cover your energy usage from that data. (Imagine that – clean, renewable energy for all of the electrical power in your home!)

The report concludes with the financial impact of solar panel installation on your home. You’ll be able to see the average upfront costs for solar panel installation in your area, as well as how much you will financially benefit from the system over 20 years.

Solar panels lessen your reliance on the utility grid.

Perhaps saving money is not a strong incentive for you. If that’s the case, you wouldn’t necessarily care about how much money you can save on the cost of your utility bill by installing solar panels.

Additionally, you may not care about the federal solar tax rebate you can receive from installing a solar energy system on your California home.

when is solar worth it

However, you might be interested to know that installing a solar system on your home may lessen your reliance on the power grid.

We encourage you to read more about how solar power energy storage can keep your electricity running during rolling blackouts from high usage periods.

Are there tax breaks for solar panels in California?

Yes! Most residential solar installations qualify for the Federal Tax Credit, an investment tax credit. This incentive allows you to deduct almost 30% of the cost of installing a solar energy system from your federal taxes.

It seems too good to be true. Solar panels save you each month your electric company bill. And you can receive 26% of the installation costs, and solar panels cost when you file your federal taxes next April.

Does solar increase home value in California?

According to this report, having a solar panel system on a U.S. home increases the average resale value by 4%. Those buying a home in San Francisco put even more importance on having a solar system. A San Francisco home with solar panels increases the house’s value by 4.4%.

Do you save money with solar panels?

Yes! California solar systems reduce your monthly energy bills, make you less reliant on your local utility companies, and provide federal tax breaks. Solar energy can also increase the value of your home.

As you consider the average cost of adding solar panels to your home, you might wonder if you can save money. The honest answer to this question is that solar panels can save you a sizable amount of money over time.

Solar Panels in California From Quality First Home Improvement

Our licensed solar installers will visit your home for a free on-site solar inspection and discuss options. They will give you clear expectations of the installation process and the average solar payback period.

Unlike many home improvement companies in California, Quality First Home Improvement has years of solar installation experience. We are not new to solar power, and we are ready to share our expertise about whether solar is worth it.

Solar energy is a beautiful source of renewable energy. Solar panel installation in California is not only worth your time – it’s the right thing to do.