When faced with the necessity of purchasing replacement windows, some homeowners decide to buy their new windows in a different window style or size.

For example, some may replace three standard windows with one large picture window. Or some homeowners may replace their existing picture windows with bay windows or bow windows.

Here are some thoughts on how to purchase windows that are larger or smaller in size.

Make sure the size of your window is in proportion to the other exterior features of your house.

We know you want to let in more natural light. However, you may regret purchasing a replacement window that is too large for the space. Consider how a larger size window will look from the outside of your home.

Make sure the windows are tall enough to look proportionate if your room has high ceilings.

However, this probably isn’t an issue if you are buying replacement windows – unless the house was constructed with windows that were too short or small for the space.

Consider the type of glass that might be needed if you alter the window dimensions.

For example, if you are installing windows close to the floor, you may be required to purchase safety or tempered glass.

Make sure to leave enough space above the window frame to install curtain rods.

You may not be concerned about leaving space for curtain rods if you do not plan to have curtains, but consider the next homeowner. Remember, you may want to sell your house someday, so it is good to consider the needs of the subsequent owners to ensure an easy sale.

Consider replacing your standard window with arched windows (or another shape) that is better suited to the design of your home.

Besides window dimension, consider the shape of your window. Who says you need to stick with a rectangular shaped window every time?

Try to stick with standard window sizes (for double hung windows, casement windows, picture windows, and bay windows) to save money on the project.

Please understand that it is challenging to list average window sizes – especially the average double hung window sizes – because they come in many different standard sizes. For example, a double hung window can range in widths from 24-48 inches and heights from 36-72 inches. Unless you wish to purchase custom windows, check with the window manufacturer to learn more about window styles and their standard window sizes.

Here are some standard window sizes for options other than double hung windows:

  • Casement windows: 24″ by 60″
  • Slider Window: 72″ by 60″
  • Awning Window: 48″ by 32″
  • Picture Window: 60″ by 63″

Work with window installation experts when considering window replacement for your home.

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