You may be thinking about home window replacement. However, how do you know whether or not it is worth the cost?

Signs You Need a Window Replacement

Before discussing the types, prices, and installation of new vinyl windows, here’s how to tell you need a replacement window.

You are experiencing high heating and cooling costs.

Ready for energy-efficient windows? Your new windows might pay for themselves when installing a more efficient product.

Your window glass is cold to the touch.

If your existing window is double-paned, the glass should feel only moderately cold when it’s cold outside. New high-performance window glass can help your house stay comfortable even during extreme weather.

cost to replace windows

You’ll feel good about the energy savings you’ll experience by replacing the low-quality construction windows with a better double-hung window.

Your sliding windows are hard to open.

It would be best if you replaced rough opening windows or stuck windows.

The window sash and window frames are rotting.

Sometimes old windows are beyond repair and need to be replaced.

Existing window openings aren’t the best size or style.

Beautify your home by increasing the window size or replacing the existing window with a more decorative option (bay windows, awning windows, casement windows, hopper windows, etc.).

Did we reassure you that it is time for replacement windows? Here are the types of windows to consider.

Types of New or Replacement Windows

Enviro-First Windows are Quality First’s line of the best replacement windows, engineered and built by a top-tier manufacturer using our design specifications.

Enviro-First Windows use the highest energy-efficient window materials, including triple seal spacers, custom brass rollers, thicker vinyl around the window frame, and “Neat glass.”

You have your choice of window style when selecting an Enviro-First product. Styles include bow windows, bay windows, and any other type you can imagine.

Costs of Buying Replacement Windows

Unfortunately, it is too difficult to guess the approximate costs of replacing single-pane windows with quality windows. It depends on how much damage is around the existing windows and whether or not you decide to widen or narrow the current window frame size.

Choosing replacement windows for your home decreases monthly utility bills since the technology and design of home windows have significantly improved in the last several years.

Quality Installation Is the Key to a High-Performance Window

You may buy the best double-hung windows on the market, but they will only be as good as the quality of the installation. Installing windows is serious work and requires training and experience to do it right.

Whether you learn from a replacement window buying guide, window installation is not a DIY job. If you are replacing windows while widening or narrowing the window opening, leave it to the pros.

Contact Quality First to Increase the Energy Efficiency of your Home

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Contact Quality First Home Improvement, with Northern California and Northern Nevada locations. We offer our unique line of composite windows that will increase the value of your property while improving your quality of life.