There’s no course in homeownership in high school. There’s no formal training that teaches you about the importance of changing the air filter in your furnace or how to caulk your bathtub. Perhaps that’s one reason homeowners overlook the need to buy replacement windows.

Consider this article as your course in replacement windows. So here’s your first lesson: windows eventually need to be replaced. But how do you know when it’s time? Here are some guidelines on when it might be time to complete a window replacement project.

The window frames are rotting, warped, cracked, or show other signs of deterioration.

The outside of your wood windows may be spongy to the touch. Your fiberglass window frames may be chipped, or your wood frames may be warped. No matter the window material you have on your house, they will deteriorate over time.

Your windows are drafty.

Do you feel cold air seeping in from around your existing windows? (Or warm air during the summer?) This could be a problem with the quality of the installation or the types of windows used. However, it doesn’t matter what caused the problem if you aren’t comfortable in your home.

One of the overlooked benefits of installing replacement windows is that they will make your home more comfortable. Shouldn’t that be the goal of all of your home improvement projects?

You need more energy efficient windows.

Many homeowners see a difference in their energy bills when purchasing efficient double pane windows and new doors. Windows have improved over the last fifteen years. Perhaps it’s time that you install windows that will lower your energy bill.

Your old windows aren’t secure.

Take a moment to quickly check all your ground floor and basement windows. Are they secure? We’re guessing that if your windows are at least ten or fifteen years old, you will have at least one window that can no longer lock.

Do your windows open and close with ease? Would you be able to get out through your windows in the event of a fire?

There’s condensation between your double pane windows.

Condensation between panes of glass is a sign that the seal has been broken, and it might be time for new windows.

You hear all the neighborhood noise.

Did your neighbor buy a new motorcycle? Do you hear your teenage neighbor get home moments before his curfew every night? The window replacement cost that you may have been dreading would be worth every penny if it allows you to get better quality sleep.

You would like more natural light in your home.

Your windows may be in good shape, but they may be too small. Improve the feel of your home by letting in more sunlight. Your house plants will love it too!

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