Christmas lights use power like it’s nobody’s business. How can you offset the output and save energy this holiday season?ย  Quality First offers a variety of energy efficient products so that you can reduce your energy bill, from ProVia windows and doors to solar panels. If you aren’t in the mood for a full-on remodel, however, here are some tips that will allow you to manage the efficiency of your Christmas lights.

String Lights Can Be Energy Efficient Christmas Lights

Outdoor Christmas lights, as well as indoor lights for your tree or other parts of your house, come in a variety of shapes and sizes. String lights are a common choice, be they large as a reindeer’s nose or small as a mouse. One may have a mental image of the traditional incandescent bulbs — large and glassy, like so many small moons illuminating your chosen space.

incandescent light bulbs, string lights

Switch From Incandescent To LED Christmas Lights

Despite our familiarity with them, incandescent lights use more energy than LED lights. While they’re cheaper in the initial short-term, they’ll also burn out more quickly, forcing you to replace them more frequently. On the other hand, LED lights last longer, so you end up with a more efficient bang for your buck.

According to this chart from Personal Creations, LED Christmas lights consume about 86% less power than traditional incandescent lights.

Get Ethereal With Fairy Lights

Fairy lights, which are small lights hung from very thin wires, can lend an elegant, ethereal touch to your Christmas display — so get a string of solar powered ones to really sell the image. Whether they’re gentle, warm white lights or they’re the traditional red and green mini lights, they’re sure to look fantastic as your energy efficiency rises.

You can use them on your Christmas tree or outdoors on your house. Experiment with your decorating and have fun. It’s easy to find LED string lights just about anywhere, so you shouldn’t have to stress about it, either.

Ready, Set… Timer!

Using a timer for your Christmas lights can also save you money as you conserve electricity! With absolute control over when your lights turn on and when your lights should remain off to conserve energy, you’ll be able to exert your rule over decorations and bills alike.

We Always Put Energy Efficiency First

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