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Yes, paving stones are great for driveways. You need to choose an appropriate base material for the paving stones. This base must be compacted and the pavers must be properly installed. For this reason, make sure you hire paving stone installers who have experience installing paver driveways.

Although it is possible to lay paving stones over concrete, you might need to first lay a substance on top of the concrete. Additionally, you might wish to have the concrete taken out. It’s frequently not that pricey.

While sealing isn’t necessary, there are sealers available that make stains easier to remove. This sealer is applied after the pavers have been cleaned. It soaks into the pavers and sand joints.

Paving stones have a much higher density than concrete. Also, the interlocking qualities of paving stones enable them to bear a greater load. The joints relieve pressure, which allows the paving stones to move.

Many paving stone manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty. Paving stones are very easy to repair or replace, so there’s no reason to worry.

You can apply a paver enhancer that will give the pavers a “wet look” and bring out the color.

The sand allows the final grade to be more precise and keeps the pavers from developing efflorescence (the white powder that’s often seen on paving stones). The sand will also help with any drainage and allow the water to go into the base and then into the ground. The sand also acts as a cushion for the stones and helps keep them even as they settle.

Choose the stones that most appeal to you, then discuss them with a Quality First Home experts and explain what draws you to them. Quality First Home is qualified to assist you in the material selection process. For instance, they can discover a material that is appropriate but resembles the display that most appealed to you if it isn’t suited for your project.

Interlocking paving stones interlock to allow each paver to move independently. This allows the pavers to carry a bigger load because the weight is spread out.

Some pavers can be flipped over, but there are also special cleaners that will remove stains and clean surfaces.

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