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You may choose the patio cover that is best for your house and lifestyle with the assistance of our patio cover specialists at Quality First Home. We offer a wide range of choices, so there is certainly something for everyone.

We welcome bespoke orders and offer a wide range of patio cover sizes. Our professionals at Quality First Home will measure your patio area, talk with you about your needs for a patio cover, and work with you to choose the right patio cover size.

We provide patio covers in a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, Alumawood, fiberglass, and plastic. What you desire for your home and the usefulness of your patio cover will determine which option you go with. You can get advice from Quality First Home’s patio cover specialists about the ideal patio cover material for your requirements.

Absolutely! Our patio covers are useful for many purposes, and can be made to be freestanding or attached to your house. Many of our customers choose Quality First Home patio covers for their carports or as extensions of their garages, and are extremely happy with their choice. You can also park a boat, a truck, a trailer, or anything else under one of our patio covers. If you need a cover built to special dimensions, we are happy to accommodate custom work as well.

None. We can create a patio cover to meet any requirements you may have, and we commonly receive custom orders. To get the precise measurements you require for your patio cover, our professionals at Quality First Home will conduct a free consultation.

This partially relies on the patio cover material you select and the intended use for it. While some of the patio materials we use are permanent and will last a lifetime, some do require painting or sealing as they get older. We waterproof and seal all of our patio covers for longevity, so regardless of the material you select, it will be a very long time before you need to have maintenance done. In order to help you choose the right material for your patio cover, we will go over everything you need to know about maintenance with you at your initial consultation.

Yes it will. Patio coverings are regarded as a permanent enhancement that will increase your home’s selling value.

Yes we can! Quality First Home specializes in screen doors, screen walls, and screen windows, and we can certainly screen in your patio. To enjoy a bug-free breeze when you want to and to completely open your patio when you want to, you may also choose to have retractable screens installed on your patio cover.

Between 80% and 90% of UV rays are filtered by Quality First Home Duralum patio coverings, shielding your skin, your health, and your patio furniture. Depending on the material used to construct your patio cover, different UV rays are filtered to different degrees. During your consultation, our patio cover specialists will go over all these elements with you, giving you the chance to decide on the type of patio cover to purchase.

No. Typically, patio coverings are not big enough to need a building permit.