As we leave the Dog Days of Summer and the hottest days of July pass us by, there are still reasons to consider a patio cover. After all, it’s easy to forget that the patio is an outdoor area for all year round, not just the summer!

So sit back and get comfortable, we’re about to throw some shade.


Homes are only so finite in terms of size, but with patio covers, anyone can extend available spaces to their full potential. Just open up your mind and think creatively!  You won’t have to pay attention to the weather, either: if it’s raining, you’ll still be able to use the outdoor area of your patio with no trouble at all.


A patio cover will shade your windows, cooling your home from outside sources, and making your air conditioning work smarter, not harder. Although this is especially relevant during the summer, some states still do get punishing sunlight all year round, so why not temper that a little?


When weather isn’t an obstacle, you can do anything outside, from outdoor dining to turning your patio into an open-air entertainment center for television, and even video games for your kids. Next time you need some quiet time to work from home, consider getting a new change of scenery.


People are more inclined to show interest in a house with a patio cover. Getting a patio cover builds up additional equity and provides a stronger return down the line. Of course, covered patios enhance your home each day you use them, too, so you don’t have to wait to see the results. There’s something for everyone’s style!


A patio is a great place to keep plants, or to bask in the silence around bedtime. Learn to make every day one where you’re in tune with the outdoors.

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