Find a solar company that you can trust.

It’s easy to make a product from average materials and sell it for an average price — but it’s a lot harder to make a quality product out of quality materials and then deliver value. Our mission is to deliver solar products that excel in the areas of both quality and value.

Make A Change Today

You have the power to let solar energy change your life. Innovation is just around the corner with our products from both Mission Solar, who makes everything of theirs in America, as well as Enphase, which is a bit more global.

But don’t take it from just us! There are countless resources available for you to learn about this — though we do recommend the Department of Energy for the most comprehensive information. (You can click here to head over there.)

Don’t Be Left Out In The Cold

Still, the solar industry can be tricky. Companies don’t always last long in this field, leaving people high and dry to find someone, anyone to perform maintenance and repairs on their solar systems. Quality First will do new solar work for you, of course, but also assist with technology that’s already been installed. Our customers come first, after all!

Contact the Solar Experts

Quality First specializes in roofing, windows, HVAC, solar, and more. Contact us to schedule an appointment for a free estimate, or follow and like us on social media to keep up-to-date on our services and offers.

We’re local to Sacramento, Concord, and San Jose in California, as well as Reno, Nevada.

Photo credit: Photo by Bill Mead on Unsplash