Don’t feel bad for spending time interviewing a general contractor when trying to find the right company for your remodeling projects. In fact, we would like to give you a few questions that any reputable contractor should be happy to answer.

Questions That Will Help You Find the Right Contractor For Your Remodeling Project

Hiring a contractor is a critical decision –especially when the project involves letting workers inside your house. Here are some questions to ask a general contractor before hiring them for construction projects on your home.

What do home improvement companies do?

During the interview process, the first question that a homeowner should ask is how many projects the business has completed in this type of renovation. Next, ask to see examples of their work. After all, some remodeling companies may focus only on roofing and construction. At the same time, other general contractors may complete all types of tasks –including updates to the home’s kitchen and bath.

What do you talk about with a contractor?

An experienced contractor will put you at ease during the interview and tell you what you need to know about your renovation project.

However, make sure they cover the following general topics.

Payment schedule

Of course, make sure you discuss payment terms before work begins on your project. Go over the written contract with your contractor. Look carefully at the project costs and ask if you are held financially responsible if the price of materials increases before the project is completed.

It’s worth noting that most contractors don’t ask for more than 10% of the cost in an upfront payment.

Building permits

Most jobs require building permits, which ensures that local building code requirements are followed. Your licensed contractor should complete the permitting process. Whether their staff will obtain the necessary permits is undoubtedly something to ask before hiring.

General liability insurance and license

A potential contractor that can’t show you proof of being adequately insured is certainly a red flag. After all, a home renovations crew needs to be prepared for unexpected problems. Ask your remodeling contractor about their contracting license and worker’s compensation insurance. Not being able to show you either should be a deal-breaker.

Never hire an unlicensed contractor in the construction industry. There’s too much that can go wrong.

Project completion date

Contracting companies in the remodeling industry should give homeowners a clear picture of how long the entire process should take to complete based on their experience with previous clients. Ask if you will have a dedicated team working and whether this same team will be there for the entire home project. Ask about their work schedule and whether the company will hire outside contractors for any part of the job.

We Can Complete Your Entire Project

Quality First Home Improvement does most remodeling projects, including kitchen and bath renovations, including updates to kitchens and bathrooms. Additionally, we do roofing, window and door replacement, exterior painting and coating, and gutters.

We can handle multiple projects in your home at the same time. You will be assigned an on-site project manager who is your designated point of contact for the process, and we will provide a proper legal document (contract) before we begin the job.

Questions for Our Contractors?

Do you have additional questions about the services we provide or would you like to see samples of our previous projects? Please leave your contact information by filling out the form on our website. Quality First Home Improvement serves Northern California and Northern Nevada.