We went over Halloween decorations for the exterior of your home, but now let’s take a deep breath and look inward. Granted, you can’t show these off to everyone trick-or-treating, but if you have a party indoors, your kitchen and bathroom are the perfect places to begin the fun, games, and horror.

Put Your Skeleton To Work This Halloween


Trust us, your life isn’t complete ’til you’ve bought a prop skeleton or two to set up in various rooms. It’s never too early in the Halloween season to keep one in the passenger seat of your car, either!

It’s The Eye of the… Something…


When October comes around and Covid’s still haunting us, there’s only one thing to do: wash your hands. A lot. With this scary prop, you can definitely pretend to do that thing, or if you want our advice, you can always suspend the “eyes” in soap for an even creepier effect.

In The Dark of the Night(cap)


Get some eerie drinkware on your table and celebrate Halloween with a toast to the ghost with the most– or just, you know, fill ’em with fruit punch and call it a night.

Come On Baby, Don’t Fear The Toilet Monster


If you’ve ever been a kid — and I’ll bet anything you have been at some point in your life — I’m sure you’ve heard tales of creatures who live in the toilet and pull you in. Those stories are false. They actually live in your toilet’s tank and encourage good bathroom etiquette. One small sign, a decal of spooky eyes, is all it will take to teach those no-good family members to flush.

Or, If You Prefer…

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